There are many content trends in 2020 worth exploring. A successful content strategy requires diversification. You need to reach audiences who may prefer other content types like audio and video. Cue webinars and podcasts. Both mediums provide the chance to dive deeper into a topic for the benefit of your audience. Especially in the COVID-19 era, podcasts and webinars are becoming more prominent.

Which option should you pursue first? Which one offers better opportunities to engage leads? This post compares podcasts and webinars, and how you can use them to offer value to customers.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are digital audio files your audience can stream or download on release. They are informative discussions where you talk to your listeners about a specific opinion or experience or host experts. You can also use them to inform your audience about your products. There are many great podcast recording solutions that make podcasting simple. 

What Are Webinars?

Webinars are seminars you conduct over the internet in real-time. They are online presentations or meetings that help you connect with audiences from various locations. They are a personal and interactive way to communicate or educate your audience on the products you offer.  

Should You Use Webinars or Podcasts?

The choice depends on your audience and how you can offer them value. For example, if you want your audience to participate in your presentation, webinars are your best choice. They have various features that facilitate this, including file sharing, text or audio chats, surveys, polls, and quizzes.

But that’s not all. Their presentation and whiteboard feature allows you to draw, share documents, make notes, and offer visuals that further explain your points.

On the other hand, podcasts are easily accessible to your audience and do not require lots of preparation. They can download or stream them from various sites, including iTunes and 

Your audience can also listen to your episodes while walking their dog, jogging, cooking, or driving. They can listen whenever and wherever they want.

What Are the Drawbacks of Podcasts and Webinars?

Podcasts don’t allow your audience to interact in real-time and are hard to monetize. It’s not impossible, but most people will avoid paid podcasts if they can access others for free. However, you can incorporate other methods like affiliate marketing, sponsors, training, etc. if you want to make money with podcasts.

Webinars, on the other hand, require a lot of marketing. They can be a disaster if you fail to promote them, and no one shows up. They also take time to prepare, and people can’t skip through sections if they don’t want to watch the full presentation. 

Still not sure if you should invest in podcasts or webinars? The infographic below from FLOW offers an in-depth look at the differences to help you make the right choice. 

Webinars vs. Podcasts: Are You Making the Right Choice?