There are numerous ways hotels can use social media to reach their consumers in unique ways. The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is a prime example of a hotel that is taking advantage of the diverse opportunities that reside in social marketing.

One of the newer social media terms circling the online world is “Klout,” a score which is defined as “the measurement of [someone’s] overall online influence.” It is calculated by assessing over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure factors such as person’s true reach and amplification probability.

This is significant for businesses because the people using these social networks are their consumers – the ones talking about their brands to other potential customers. As the Klout website advises: “Find and engage these influencers and they can become evangelists for your brand.”

Palms also launched a Social Rewards Program that awards points to anyone that tweets about the hotel. For each offer you tweet, you get 10 points, and for each offer that your friends purchase, you get 250 points. Accumulate enough and they can ultimately be redeemed for free rooms, dinner for two, free drinks and more.

If you check out Palms’ Twitter page, you’ll find a fanbase of nearly 20,000 along with a clearly, actively engaged audience. Visitors are regularly posting questions and comments and the hotel is extremely responsive. Heading over to Facebook, the fanbase jumps to nearly 35,000, and there’s several perks listed. If you check into the hotel on Facebook, you automatically receive two free drinks. Through the end of 2010, there was a contest for Paulie Shore tickets. Their “welcome” tab provides links for general information, the hotel’s latest offers, comedy show tickets and, finally, an exclusive Facebook offer.

It will be fascinating to watch and see what other hotels implement similar Klout, social rewards or other social media programs.