Victoria Clipper Ferry Service Gets Social

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Victoria Clipper Ferry Service sent out an email solely to alert subscribers of their social media presence.

Last year, I took my first trip to Victoria BC from Seattle via the Victoria Clipper Ferry Service. Overall, it was a totally pleasurable experience and is an efficient way to travel from the northern coast of the US into Canada. The couple-hour trip was very relaxing and comfortable, and very spacious compared to most plane trips.

I’ve remained on the Victoria Clipper mailing list and was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from them this week that read “Let’s Be Social” in the subjectline.

The entire intention of the message was to convey their social media presence.

They point out that, on their Facebook page, they’ll be giving away prizes throughout the year as well as recently offering fans 10% off their sales prices.

On Twitter, followers can “get the latest local travel deals and event updates plus ‘tweeples’ can win tickets to local attractions and Clipper vacations.”

This is a prime example of a transportation provider reaching out to their audience and making consumers and potential consumers aware of ways to stay-to-date on news and special offers.

Would you be more inclined to pursue water transportation similar to this based on proactive social outreach?

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