I was on some website the other day when I noticed a Macy’s ad that caught my attention. Rather than try to direct people straight to their website, as is the intention with most ads/businesses, it sought to encourage people to head to their Facebook page.

I wondered what caused Macy’s to opt to elevate this particular Facebook promotion in an ad, rather than their own website, or some specific product. I hadn’t before recalled seeing an ad from a regular website to a social media one. It’s typically the other way around.

On one hand, it’s a great idea in that it actively encourages consumer engagement and interaction.  It locks you in and forces you to participate with others around hyped-up excitement for this particular brand.

On the other hand, is the same person that’s going to play a game on Facebook going to be subsequently enticed to go visit the store? It seems the “ROI” would probably be lower via this route than had they gone another one.

Chime off below on whether you think this is a good or bad use to marketing dollars.