Big Head Asian Munchathon

What better incentive to run a marathon than having lots of munchies along the way? Munchathon is a food-themed 5K featuring numerous food trucks and lots of obstacles. This unique idea puts on fun twist on both food truck festivals as well as running events. Held in a park area home to numerous mudruns, the event seeks to inspire creativity (encouraging runners to dress up in food-related garb, etc.) and allow attendees to sample various eats in an authentic settings.

Samples of obstacles runners might expect include “donut drills,” “fish ladder,” lobster crawl” and bounce houses. Food truck vendors participating on the actual course will be providing sample-sized portions while there will also be a festival at the end with nearly 50 gourmet trucks offering a huge variety of fare, plus beverage vendors, entertainment and more.

If you’re in the food truck business, it’s a great idea for trucks to get involved in events like this for numerous reasons:

  1. The event planners handle the promotion for you
  2. It demonstrates great community relations
  3. You’re given access to a huge audience in one place, on one dayMunchathon Food-Themed 5K

It’s also really easy to keep your attendees up-to-date on the details via social media portals like Twitter and Facebook.

We have two pairs of tickets to give away to Munchathon! It takes place this Saturday, July 16 at Oak Canyon Park. To enter, leave a comment with the oddest thing you’ve ever eaten. Members of the Munchathon team will review the answers on Friday at noon and choose their favorites to win!