A really awesome aspect of social media is the ability to share things in real time. There’s a greater sense of intimacy in following a monumental event as its happening rather than simply reading about afterward.

William and Kate, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, visited Los Angeles today. Their trip included a stopped at The Beverly Hilton for, ironically, a discussion of Facebook.

The hotel did a great job of covering the action throughout the day on The Beverly Hilton Facebook page, allowing their fans feel included in this special happening.

Prince William at Beverly Hilton
Prince William in Los Angeles - via The Beverly Hilton Facebook Page

They posted a few teaser posts earlier in the day, photos of the press waiting for Will and Kate’s arrival, fans lined up to catch a glance and more. They were also able to capture pretty close-up shots of the Duke and Dutchess themselves as they exited their cars and headed toward the lobby.

Needless to say, these photos got a ton of “likes” and comments, and provided fans with incite into a truly unique experience.