Foursquare, the location-based social networking site with over 10 million users, recently unveiled a list of features allowing users to create lists of certain genres. For example, you could create a list of venues you hope to visit on your upcoming vacation, or restaurants with the best views.

Lists are easy to create via just logging into Foursquare and organizing places you already frequent. Plus, it’s easy to share lists with friends, encouraging interactions and conversations surrounding the featured locations.

Colleges have been jumping on-board, creating lists for welcome week activities, school traditions or tour locations.

This is extremely useful for destination marketing in that it allows tourism organizations to create customized lists for visitors. This could simplify the planning process for those coordinating vacation plans, plus it’s virtually free advertising for the featured venues.

Categories could include lists for family-friendly vacations, girlfriend getaways, romantic retreats and other such niche vacations.

There could also be lists of specific entities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping, attractions, etc., which could appeal to the local audience as well.

The gamification aspects of Foursquare could also come into play — guests could earn certain destination badges for checking a certain number of places on a city’s list.

This is a great opportunity for CVBs to connect with travelers on a new, innovative level.

Would you use a Foursquare list when visiting a new location?


Simply relaying, “Debsville is at McDonald’s” probably doesn’t matter to Joe Schmo following your account.