While this is not hospitality-related, I wanted to share an initiative happening this week through social media.

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) will host its first-ever Social Media Fundraising Party on November 14, 2012 to celebrate National Family Literacy Month.

For 24 hours, they plan reach as many people as possible via social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and various blogs, the goal being for fans and followers donate to NCFL through an online gift of any amount.

Throughout the day, NCFL will thank donors and share motivating anecdotes that aim to inspire further giving. They’ll also share updates to the amount raised and aim to give each donor a shout-out

Because the intent is for this event to create a groundswell of smaller donations from new supporters, an anonymous donor has offered to match the first $500 given.

The fundraiser will support NCFL programs like Wonderopolis, an online program that nurtures family learning through unique Wonders of the Day that are accompanied by lesson plans and sharing forums.

Literacy is at the root of a person’s ability to succeed, and the family is at the heart.  That is why the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) has dedicated its mission to inspiring and engaging families in the pursuit of education and learning together for over 20 years.

NCFL has developed proven learning models and authored industry publications that are disseminated to the most vulnerable populations across America.

Since 1989, the organization has helped more than 1 million families make educational and economic progress by pioneering – and continuously improving – family literacy programs.

Their emphasis is on family literacy for a simple reason – study after study shows that family, home and community are the true drivers of a child’s education.

Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer is a member of NCFL’s Board of Directors.  In his time working with NCFL, he have become convinced that literacy is the cornerstone to building the future we all long for — one of innovation, technology, peace and prosperity.

“If we don’t build literacy stop-gaps in families and outside of our education system, relying on teachers and schools alone, we’ll fail as a nation and a world. NCFL is the one organization that focused on education in AND out of the classroom.”

I personally completely agree with and support NCFL and its long-term potential for created well-rounded, educated innovators. Please join me in supporting the cause this Wednesday.