Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms on the web today and a great portal for catching up on news, sharing information and promoting your personal or business profile. It’s also a great opportunity for link building – if you know where to go.

Setting up the Framework

To start, just follow a couple simple steps to maximize on your Twitter link building efforts.

Once your Twitter profile is optimized for building links, you’re well on your way to making this idea come to life.

If you have a look at the screenshot below, you’ll see how there is always the field where one can fill in the link to their website, but there is also the bio field that’ll convert any typed links into hyperlinks.

Using Twitter for Link Building

This ensures that you have your hyperlinked web address like normal, and you also have an additional hyperlink in the short description about you or your company.

Sites for Twitter Link Building

These sites are all listed here because they will either link directly back to your Twitter profile or they’ll allow you to sign in with your Twitter account and add links. They’re all well ranked and will offer up a great deal of clout for your link building efforts. Speaking of clout…


Google PageRank of 7
If you’re signed up with Klout, you’ll automatically get a backlink from them and they’ll pull the information from your Twitter bio, thus pulling your weblink with a dofollow link. You can also add links to your other social networks and receive an overall score of your weight on the social scale.

Twitter Grader

Google PageRank of 6
Twitter Grader is similar to Klout in that it scores your social activity on Twitter. The home page requests that you enter your Twitter username before you can be scored, but once you have created a page you can access the site via Twitter Grader links back to your profile with a nofollow link.


Google PageRank of 6
Twellow is one of the larger Twitter directories that is also split into easy to use categories. Your Twitter handle might already be listed on the directory, if not, you’ll have to register. Once joined, you can authorize your Twitter profile and customize your bio to include hyperlinked anchor text, which will be a dofollow link.


Google PageRank of 6
TwitterCounter is a great tool for keeping track of your tweets, followers, those you follow and your overall reach for up to six months. It’s an awesome way to get a link back to your Twitter profile. You might already have an account, but if not it’s easy to register. It pulls your Twitter bio through, as well as the link associated with it.

Other Worthy Sites

• Twitaholic pulls your Twitter profile bio and weblink, but only the weblink is hyperlinked, with a nofollow link – Google PageRank of 6
• Listorious also pulls through your bio and weblink, but only hyperlinks the weblink. Once you’ve authorized your profile on the site, you’ll benefit from a lovely dofollow link – Google PageRank of 6
• Tweetlevel scores your Twitter activity much like Klout does, although it doesn’t have the influence of the latter. It pulls your bio and weblink and hyperlinks the weblink with a dofollow link – Google PageRank of 5
• twtBizCard gives you the opportunity to create a digital business card pulling your bio and weblink from your Twitter profile and hyperlinking both of them with dofollow links – Google PageRank of 5
• Favorious allows you to tag your favorite tweets as well as keep track of all your favorite items on Twitter. It pulls both your bio and weblink and hyperlinks both of them with dofollow links – Google PageRank of 4
Other sites that offer the same or similar services using your Twitter profile information include: Retweet Rank, TagWalk, Crowdreel, SNpros and Twitperts.

What other ways have you used social media sites for SEO purposes?


Author Bio: This post was contributed by Katherine, a South African copywriter with a penchant for SEO and blogging. Katherine dreams of writing good, old-fashioned books, but she also enjoys covering the digital world.  Katherine writes for Northcutt, a Chicago based SEO and Inbound Marketing company.