More than ever, travelers are using the internet to search and make educated decisions regarding travel plans.

In addition to hotel rooms, vacation homes can be a great way to travel, and, like specialized review sites and social travel startups, there are related travel options that allow for unique travel experiences.

Vacation rentals websites such as HomeAway or Flipkey provide an array of services and options similar to those of business directory websites. The difference is the target traffic of these websites is more relevant to the subject matter.

Travelers and tourists going through Google searches using keywords connected to vacations will use those most often.

Besides that,  lodges can list prices, accommodations and requirements. HomeAway has its own vacation rental platform, Vacation Rental by Owner (VBRO).

VRBO by HomeAway is a platform on which people can list their homes.

Vacation Rentals by Owner

Users are allotted the following:

  • Upload photos of your property
  • An easy to use system of check boxes and drop-down menus. These allow you to list not only all the rooms, amenities and features of your rental, but also useful locations in the vicinity as well such as transport hubs, stores, hospitals and the like.
  • A map showing the location of your home via GPS positioning is also provided.
  • A useful calendar which allows you to have a transparent reservation system allowing guests to see which days of the year are taken and which are free. This calendar option can apply to a wide network of vacation rental websites either owned by the same company or others too.
  • A private message system which allows your guests to ask you questions via the website or e-mail in addition to phone calls.
  • A verification system which has the vacation rental website verifying the existence and legality of your rental. This allows them to vouch that you are a certified owner, thus preventing scams and boosting your credibility.

Such a platform can tie in easily with social media channels, which can provide a great, overall resource for a potential visitor.

Do you prefer hotels or vacation homes when you travel?

This guest post has been submitted by Angela Harpert. Angela is a blogger and a traveler that strives to provide essential tips for your unique vacation.