How Facebook Pages Communicate with Fans

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One of the most important factors for success on Facebook is a two-way communication. Fanpage Karma analyzed 60,000 pages with over 2,700,000 fan posts.

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One of the most important factors for success on Facebook is a two-way communication – especially if fans post on a page’s wall. But how do pages handle this kind of attention? To answer this question, Fanpage Karma analyzed about 60,000 pages with over 2,700,000 fan posts for the time period of three months.

The results:

  • The great majority allows comments on their wall, just 17% do not
  • Only 28% of all fan posts get a reaction by the page. The rest stays ignored

The following analysis just refers to those pages which allow fan posts on their wall.

Response time

A lot of reactions are happening within one day: 71% of all posts are commented, liked or deleted in 24 hours; 20% even in less than two hours.

Service level

The service level shows in percent value how many posts get a reaction in relation to all posts the page gets. The higher, the better. The median of all pages who allow posts is at 25% service level. More than one third doesn’t react at all.


The more posts a page gets the quicker it responds. That means: The median of the response time drops when the amount of posts grows. An answer to this could be that pages are more professional and interested in a two-way communication when they get more than 50 posts a week. On the other hand, it might be possible that the users learn from the past and post more often when they know they’ll get a quick reply.

With more posts the answer comes faster, but the amount of replies gets less though. Half of all pages react on 4% tops if they get more than 70 posts per week. If they get more than 100 posts a week, the median service level is even at 0%. But you have to consider with this amount of posts there will be a lot of content that doesn’t need an answer at all.

Increasing service level means more growth of the page as well. The median shows that pages with higher service level have almost twice the growth rates than pages with a low service level. A page that interacts with its fans a lot, looks to be more alive and that is an important fact for more growth.

facebook pages communicating with fans

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