With more than four billion smartphones in the pockets and purses of people on this planet, everyone is trying to find a way to benefit from mobile marketing. One of the most intriguing methods I have stumbled across is the use of tablets and smartphones to order food while sitting at a restaurant.

Although I haven’t experienced this personally, I am somewhat excited to see how this process works.

Customized Applications
There are companies dedicated to developing customized apps for smartphones and tablets that would allow a customer to sit at a table and order food without the host or hostess bringing the menu.

This is also in conjunction with using the apps to order food for takeout or delivery in addition to dining in. Since I have used delivery and takeout apps before, I wonder if this takes away from the interpersonal element of speaking to a living person.

Although my life revolves around the use of social media. I’m still curious about the implications of technology eliminating interpersonal contact.

On the other side of that coin, I also don’t have to deal with snarky staff who may have had a bad day before I arrive.

Time Saving
If I had an app for my favorite restaurant that will allow me to order before I arrive, I would probably dine out more. Sometimes, I can be an impatient person and waiting for my food to cook allows my mind to wander too often.

If I could be seated with my meal that I ordered ready to go, I can be in and out and continue with my daily routines without spending 20 minutes sitting at a table staring at a glass of water. As these apps could incorporate payment at the time of ordering, I could also have the meal paid for before I arrive.

Essentially, I could walk in and be seated to eat and then walk out when I was done. Fast food restaurants would have to change their ethos.

Jumping on the Wagon
As time marches on, more and more restaurants are looking to more efficient methods of conducting business while benefiting from the technology.

From a product that I had imagined that was relatively new, imagine how surprised I was to learn that many locations utilize apps such as these for increased efficiency.

Unfortunately for me, I live in a rural community that is operated by many “Ma and Pa” stores that would fight being dragged into the 21st century. However, it’s nice to know that apps like these exist for my favorite locations when I travel – which I do often enough to warrant downloading them.

The advancement of technology is happening at a rapid pace. Many hotels and restaurants are using apps to improve relations and increase efficiency.

While this may take some of the personal interaction away from the experience, I can see how it will allow an organization to provide an expedited experience in order to make the customer happy.

After all, a happy customer has a higher chance of repeated business over one who didn’t have a very pleasurable experience. I wonder what other innovations will be developed to improve business functionality in the future.

This article was contributed by Madoline Hatter , a freelance writer.