Technology has changed the way we travel. Mobile usage while on the go is constantly rising, and many new apps have emerged to make the travel process more seamless. Here are 10 great travel apps to check out:

1.      Tripomatic

Have you ever set off on the road not knowing what to do or see? Had a few hours to spare in a new country and not known how to spend your time? With Tripomatic, it does everything for you in seconds. As soon as you put in your location you will receive a list of nearby attractions, suggested trip plans and even trips planned by other users!

The simple interface makes it easy to use and will be valuable on days out.

2.      Dropbox

The ultimate tool to connect your mobile phone to your computer, laptop, netbook and any other tablet device with an internet connection, Dropbox is all you need. Want to share a picture, video or even some music? Put it on Dropbox and within minutes you can have access to that file on any other device.

It’s the perfect sharing app when you’re going on a long journey.

3.      Wi-Fi Finder

Ever needed the internet overseas but were concerned about charges made to your phone? With data roaming fees bordering on ridiculous, a Wi-Fi connection is essential for saving you money. Wi-Fi finder will help you hunt down the nearest source for a Wi-Fi connection anytime.

Best of all, if you download the location maps before your holiday, you can use this app offline, meaning you don’t need to use any mobile internet at all.

4.      Tipulator

Whichever restaurant, bar or diner you go to, it is common courtesy to leave a tip. Of course you don’t have to but the diverse rules in different continents can be tough to keep up with at times. In Asia, it is considered odd if you tip any money at all whereas Europe and North America encourage this.

With Tipulator, you can decide how much to give based on your overall spend.

5.      Fuel Monitor

Perfect for a car journey, this monitors how much fuel you’ll need for your trip. You can also edit the journey and add extra destinations, meaning you’ll know when and where to fuel-up your vehicle. The best bit about the app is the price, as it determines how much you will pay at a certain gas station.

It’s definitely worth checking out to save money.

6.      Google Maps

Google can be handy for pretty much everything and with their relatively new Google Places app for mobiles; your hunt for locations is made that much easier. It’s also a great alternative for a GPS, when coupled with Google Navigation.

For instance, when I was driving in France I was looking for a parking spot for a nearby restaurant. The trouble was, with new laws stating my GPS system cannot track speed cameras in the name of the law, I hadn’t taken mine with me. With a quick Google Places search, not only could I find the location of the restaurant, I could also find the route and nearby parking area.

7.      TripAdvisor

Written by users for users, the TripAdvisor app allows you to see exactly how the attraction, hotel or restaurant is perceived by previous visitors. With a more trustworthy opinion made by real people, you can always rely on TripAdvisor for the best information for tourists.

8.      FlightTrack

Worrying about remembering to bring all your essentials as well as ensuring your suitcase is not full of unnecessary things is hard enough. Having to remember your flight time, gate and plane number just makes it a whole deal worse. With FlightTrack, you can receive up-to-date, real-time flight plans as well as information on departure gates, delays and (hopefully not) cancellations.

Worry about one less thing this holiday.

9.     WhatsApp Messenger

Already regarded as the mobile substitute for Microsoft Messenger, WhatsApp has been taking the world by storm. By allowing you to send and receive messages for free, or for iPhone users a one-off payment; you can talk to family and friends across the world. Just requiring an internet connection, this is the best alternative to texting, which can cost a lot when in a different country.

10.  PhotoSynth

What’s a holiday without taking any photos? Your mobile camera may have a good enough camera but when there’s amazing sights that need to be seen in style, you could be left disappointed. PhotoSynth has all the added features of a digital camera but for your phone! Take panoramic shots all the way around and share your photographs on Facebook instantly.

There are many more travel apps you can find just right for you but for the very best, make sure you try out the list above. Happy holidays!

This article was contributed by Hiten Patel. Hiten is a travel enthusiast who has been to a handful of countries but has always wanted to explore the most exotic places. He has seen some wonderful things but I would love to experience more, allowing me to create my own unique travel stories. Follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.