Consumers are using social media daily to stay informed on world events and they want to be kept up to date on brands, offers, sales and so much more.

By using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, retailers are able to reach a completely new audience of shoppers.

Stores are always looking to improve retail sales and now social media is helping their sales grow leaps and bounds.

1. Getting Social to Advertise Deals, Sales and Coupons

By using social media to offer deals and special promotions, you are gaining followers and loyal fans. Posting a discount code on Facebook or Twitter may result in an immediate sale and allowing for shareable content.

People want to share a good deal with a friend and repost on Facebook and retweet it on Twitter, like this tweet by Rockvale Outlets, a premium outlet in Lancaster, PA:

2. Let Your Customers Know When You’re Open This is a great way to let customers know what the store hours are by updating social profiles on Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Google+. You especially want to update your Google profile because when someone searches for your hours on Google, that information is pulled from your page to show on the right side of the search results.

You can also use Schema markup to show it at the top of Google search results to give your customers their answer right away. When the store hours change from season to season you can tweet it and embed it at the top of your profile, as well as share updates on Facebook to let your fans know that your hours are changing.

3. Take Advantage of Trending Topics, Events and Holidays A good way to keep followers interested is to post trending topics or videos of current events like the most recent Golden Globes.


4. Promote Events, Contests or Giveaways

Publishing special event happenings like a celebrity or book signing, or a free concert series is sure to draw more crowds that may not otherwise visit outlets. Rockvale has pins for just about every holiday, season, and events.

5. Polling Surveys

Polling customers is a great way for them to voice their choices and for owners to know how many people are interested. By creating surveys, it helps leads discussions and makes a page more active and interesting. This is a great way to get customers to let you know what they want and for them to engage with your brand which leads us to our next topic.

6. Customer Engagement

Keeping customer up to date on happenings within the outlet shopping mall is just another way to communicate. Like if there is a new store opening or a retweet of one of the outlet stores sales and promoting them. It also lets a customer say where they are at by using Check In on Facebook, Swarm and/or Foursquare to share with their friends.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media tools being used. Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are also becoming popular social media outlets.

This post was contributed by Caleigh Elizabeth, who likes to take long walks, read, scrapbooking and spend time outdoors with her family in her spare time. She works at EZSolution, a web design and marketing company in Lancaster, PA.