Selfies have been a trend for awhile now. Although you might think they’re old news, the selfie trend isn’t going anywhere thanks to the new gadgets that make taking them easier than ever.

Even though flooding your Instagram account with selfies can annoy some of your followers, the strategically and well-taken selfie can keep your followers interested in your brand.

In fact, 2014 was named the “Year of the Selfie,” and brands took the opportunity to jump on this trend.

According to an infographic on the Shorty Awards blog, the number of brands using selfies on Facebook rose from seven to 129 and from 11 to 261 on Twitter.

So, here is some gear that can help your brand take the best selfies yet.

High-Quality Smartphone Camera

Nobody wants to see a grainy, low-quality selfie — not even your mom. This means you need a smartphone with a solid camera if you want to hold people’s attention.

It also uses iSight and True Tone flash technology, which uses two LED lights to cast white and amber light. This means you can take great selfies even when the lighting of your environment isn’t ideal.

This phone also uses algorithms to calculate the color and lighting of your location to determine how much white and amber light should be used to bring the lighting of the photo up to an ideal exposure.

Brands can hold selfie contests to engage and interact with their audience. For example, Axe held a Valentine’s Day campaign asking fans to submit selfies of them kissing and use the hashtag #KissForPeace.

According to Sprout Social, Axe received more than 10,000 tweets and 8,000 Instagram posts, which the brand shared on its social media pages and on billboards like the one in Times Square.

When consumers have the latest technology, your brand can use and promote artistic selfies.

Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are a new trend when it comes to taking pictures. Whether you’re taking a group selfie or one by yourself, selfie sticks help you get a much broader background and better angles.

With the Looq DG selfie stick, you can snap your pics without reaching for your phone at the end of your stick. Looq DG is the longest selfie stick out there and is compatible with even the heaviest smartphones.

Because it uses a cable to plug into your phone’s headphone jack instead of Bluetooth connectivity, it doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t need to be charged.

Alternatively, with the Gorilla Gear selfie stick, you can take selfies and also set your phone down somewhere to snap more expansive photos.

This selfie stick comes with a Bluetooth remote that lets you position and take photos with your phone from a distance.

While this is a great option for getting expansive photos, you also risk running out of batteries or even losing the remote completely.

36 Creative notes that there is virtually no limit when it comes to selfie sticks promoting your brand.

You can take a more traditional wide-angle selfie with your hotel, restaurant or store, or you can even make fun of selfie sticks like BuzzFeed did with the help of President Obama.

Either way, find something creative and engaging to do that your fans will love.

Selfie Toaster

The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has seen its business skyrocket since offering to transplant any selfie image from a digital photograph onto toasted bread.

Beginning as a company that transferred images of Jesus Christ and peace symbols onto bread, they now have taken on the selfie craze.

You can find these toasters in Hammacher Schlemmer and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

While the toaster itself is $25, the company charges $45 to create the custom plates needed to turn your selfies into toasted bread images.

If you really want to get creative with your selfie marketing, order a custom toaster plate with your brand name or logo.

Then, serve the branded toast in your hotel, restaurant or store, or bring it to a networking luncheon to stand out.

From the very best selfie smartphones to selfie sticks that help you get the perfect angle to toaster art, selfie taking has reached an all time high in popularity.

When it comes to getting more followers and promoting your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, you need the best and most extreme tools to garner serious attention.