When it comes to integrating social media and events, there are numerous ways it can be done.

Pre-event social media coverage can help in stimulating conversations about the event before it even kicks off.

Creating a hashtag and using social media during events is also crucial in making attendees feel heard. The mentioned Social Tools Summit integrated social before, during, and after the event.

Check out this selfie with some members of the trender panel!

I recently joined Search Engine Journal’s Kelsey Jones for a podcast where we discussed successful strategies for live tweeting and event coverage on social media.

Whether you’re hosting an event yourself or are strictly an attendee, live tweeting or posting during events and conferences is a great way to connect with other users.

Julia Borgini of B2B News Network put together an excellent overview of our conversation during the podcast. I loved reading about Julia’s key takeaways from what was said.

As social media evolved, she realized the value it could bring to her clients and started incorporating it into overall social media strategies for them.

The team at the Lakeshore Convention Centre in Ontario, Canada recently put together and infographic showcasing some of the ways in which you can leverage social media for your next event.