TripAdvisor is a travel industry giant.

It is the platform that travelers seek out when they want to know if a hotel is worth the price by comparing peer reviews.

It is the forum where travelers swap tips on where to visit in what country and at what time of the year.

It is the place where foodies compare restaurants, cafes, and eateries.

Some noteworthy TripAdvisor stats include:

  • 350 million unique monthly visitors on its branded websites
  • More than 90 million marketable members call it home
  • More than 3,000 employees call it their place of work
  • It hosts more than 46 million user generated photos

The world’s leading travel community platform celebrates 16 years in business this year in 2016, having first begun life above a humble pizza shop called ‘Kostas’ in Needham, Massachusetts.

Did you know though that the majority of its traffic actually comes from outside the USA, even though the most reviewed country is the USA?

Many may also find it surprising there are actually more restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor than hotel reviews.

For these facts and more, enjoy this infographic created by SunSearch Holidays.