Mother’s Day is around the corner, creeping up on both consumers and brands alike.

And even though, year after year, the majority of presents are bought super last minute, consumer spending on Mom is off the charts!

And why shouldn’t it be? The wonderful women in our lives are worth everything that we can throw at them (assuming it’s good) on their special day.

To explore this further, the team at The Shelf created this rundown of all things Mother’s Day.

Mom’s are getting more and more monetary love each year.

Spending has reached an all-time high at $21.2B in the United States. — Fundivo

There are 85.4 million mothers in the United States. — Statistic Brain

84% of people celebrate Mother’s Day. — Fundivo

Mother’s Day is the 3rd biggest retail holiday of the year. — Emarketer

Shoppers are buying gifts for more than just their moms.

Gifts are distributed across people other than moms : 63% to mother and stepmother, 23% wife, 10% daughter, 9% other relative, 9% sister, 7% grandmother, 6% friend, 2% godmother. — Internet Retailer

57% of women have received gifts from non-family members. — FTD

24% of Dads are not pulling their weight in the gift department. — FTD

Dads are getting shafted in the gift department.

47% of Moms say that Dads should buy them a gift. — FTD

94% of Dads DON’T feel the same way. — FTD

84.5% of people celebrate Mother’s Day vs. 76.1% of people who celebrate Father’s Day. — FTD

$21.2B is spent in the US for Mother’s Day vs. $12.5B for Father’s Day. — FTD

$162.94 is the avg. spend/person for Mother’s Day vs. $113.8 for Father’s Day. — FTD

Gift-Buying Trends

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular ways to show love for Mom: 80% on greeting cards, 67% on flowers, 54% on special outings, 44% on gift cards, 36% on clothing, 34% on jewelry, 21% on personal services, 20% on books/CDs, 19% on housewares, and 14% on electronics. — Fundivo

The U.S. floral industry is a 27 billion dollar market. — NRF

Mother’s Day is the #1 holiday for floral sales, beating Valentine’s Day. — Fortune

US is expected to spend 2.4 billion dollars on floral arrangements for Mother’s Day. — Fortune

Angellist has 97 flower startups listed, all helping to fulfill the growing demand for flowers. — Angellist


Digital marketing will play a huge role in last minute purchases.

The average amount online consumers are expected to spend is $225.87. — NRF

Online shoppers spend 38% more than offline shoppers for Mother’s Day gifts. — NRF

Of all of the Mother’s Day consumers, one third will purchase their holiday gifts online. — Bing

1 in 3 shoppers used their smartphones to find Mom a gift in 2015 : 25% for research/comparing prices, 15% to look up retailer information, 14% to purchase gifts, and 7% use apps to research or purchase gifts. — Bing

More than half of the top 10 Mother’s Day searches performed are branded. — Bing

The top 4 countries where people chatted about Mother’s Day on Facebook are : Singapore (68%), Australia (67%), United States (64%), and Canada (59%). — Facebook

People like to shop last minute. Capitalize on the procrastinators!

The last month before mother’s day sees a variety of buying trends amongst consumers: 13% will buy 1 month ahead, 12% will buy 3 weeks ahead, 27% will buy 2 weeks ahead, 30% will buy 1 week ahead, and18% will buy 48 hours ahead. — Internet Retailer


Here’s how to grab the attention of those last-minute shoppers…

PPC Campaigns: Mother’s Day clicks don’t start rolling in until the last week, so reserve enough budget for that last big push. Include keywords to target stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, friends, and daughters. — Search Engine Journal

Ads: The highest conversions are in clothing and accessories. Ensure you’re reaching the right audience in your vertical by including Mother’s Day-specific CTA’s.

User Generated Content: Feature UGC of influencers (or consumers) directly on your site and social media. UGC is highly effective in driving conversions and is a great way to showcase new styles and products.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the top-ranking social network for Mother’s Day searches. Out of 65% of the 275 keywords, Pinterest ranks in positions 1-5 on search engines. Enlist influential mommy bloggers to curate gift guides with their favorite gift items from your brand. — Your Digital Retail

Instagram Takeover: Run an Instagram takeover with an influential mommy blogger leading up to or during Mother’s Day. Allow her to curate her favorite mommy gift items from your brand and run a giveaway at the end to get engagement flowing on your account.