When offering a service to a customer, you want to deliver the best experience possible.

Your customer service representatives are the people your customers will encounter when first entering the doors of your establishment or when they have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Making sure that your employees are greeting your guests warmly and genuinely is important in maintaining a hospitable environment.

As a business owner, it is critical to establish a working environment that allows them access to the tools that they need to be successful, to feel safe in their working environment and the know-how to provide the high caliber of service you expect.

Knowledge Is Power

It is true that the more you know, the further you’ll go.

Consider doing a training to set the bar for what you expect out of your staff so they don’t just assume that what they’re doing is working.

Offer some ways that your employees can improve your guests’ experience, such as opening the door for them as they are coming or going, greeting them by name when possible and remembering small bits of information about them.

Showing this level of care will make customers feel valued for their patronage.

Tools for Success

It may sound like a simple concept but when you are busy running a business, small things like office supplies and minor details get pushed aside.

If your front desk does not have a properly functioning computer, it may be time to invest in up-to-date technology.

When updating your technology, consider equipping your staff with ear pieces or two-way radios.

It allows them to convey information in real time to better serve your customers.

By giving your staff an easier way to communicate with one another they can better serve your clientele as a team.

Safety = Comfort

It is also important for your staff to feel safe in their work environment.

To aid in that sense of security, install security cameras around the building and property.

When your guests see that there are measures being taken toward securing the building they are entering, it also allows them to relax and enjoy the experience you are providing.

Performance Reviews

Your employees can’t be sure that they are providing the best experience for your guests without receiving feedback from their manager or boss.

Guests typically will not tell the person giving the service if there is a problem – that information is given to their manager or boss after the service or event has already occurred.

Routine meetings allow for both the manager and customer service representative to share their thoughts and ideas of how they can improve the guest experience.

This is the time to correct any mediocre behavior and help develop a better professional working relationship with your staff.

When your employees are comfortable and secure in their position, it helps them offer those same warm feelings toward your guests.