Resorts pack all of the fun of the vacation into a single facility with tons of amenities. Although most resorts are near other attractions, it is possible to spend your entire vacation at the resort. This brings the opportunity to market in distinct ways to highlight all the resort has to offer. A perfect example is Westgate Resorts.

If you want to know how to use social media to market your resort, take a look at Westgate. With resorts in Orlando, Florida, Williamsburg, Virginia, Gatlingburg, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they serve a variety of destinations.

Westgate provides villas for families to stay in. They range in size from small studios to multi-bedroom facilities. All Westgate reservations include the ability to customize your package. This means that you can pay for everything at once so you aren’t hit with any unexpected fees.

The Orlando destination offers an ideal bundle. A guest can get a three day, two-night vacation that includes a studio suite and two tickets to Disney World. And, because the resort is one mile away from Disney, it’s easy to take a taxi or walk to the front gates.

Resort Marketing on Social Media

I reviewed Westgate’s social media presence. The resort brand uses social media to sell their resort experience via certain unique elements. First, their Facebook page cover photo includes an integrated video. This is awesome since it shows photos of various aspects of the resorts. It also provides guests the opportunity to visualize themselves as part of the experience through the video, too.

In terms of page content itself, they rely a lot on user-generated content that shows actual guests as they enjoy the resorts. Westgate also uses Facebook tabs to their advantage. On one, they include a posting policy that outlines what is and is not acceptable to post on their page. This ensures anything added to the page is appropriate.

On another tab, they have an “Explore our Resorts” section that displays a map with all Westgate resort locations. This makes it easy for a traveler to seamlessly visualize if Westgate is an option for their upcoming travels. Job seekers can find career opportunities on the Facebook Jobs tab, while Instagram and Pinterest feeds are also weaved into the Facebook experience.

On Westgate’s Instagram feed, their bio does a nice job of relaying their “why” –

“To enrich the lives of our guests by providing a lifetime of wonderful vacation memories.”

There’s also a call-to-action for people to tag their photos with the Westgate-branded hashtags. This allows the brand to create a distinct message and also pro-actively call for content. Many of the photos show kids and families having a great time at their resorts. These kind of authentic experiences can’t usually be conveyed as effectively though stock or broad marketing photography.

Because they use various relevant hashtags on their post, they get a strong number of likes and comments on their photos.

These are just a few of the ways Westgate Resorts is optimizing their social media presence. What others have caught your attention?

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