Invest in great sales and marketing, and you can sell just about anything to anyone at least once. Invest in great customer service, however, and you’ll not only sell to the same customers over and over again, but you’ll also create raving fans of your brand who can’t wait to market and sell for you.

It’s easy for consumers to point out bad customer service. But what about good customer service? Sometimes it doesn’t get any (or enough) recognition, because it flies under the radar. The customer doesn’t complain but goes on their way or even returns to your business in the future. You don’t know you’ve done something right.

The difference between reputation management and relationship building is the difference between teaching people what to think of your brand and showing customers who you are, then letting them tell the world for you. Most companies do some amount of both, but those who focus on relationship building consistently rank top of industry for customer service.

More attention should be paid to good customer service. Examples of what that looks like should be touted so companies can learn from and model those behaviors. The Salesforce team put together this overview of Apple and Spotify’s approaches, and the customer service lessons we can learn from them.

4 Genuine Examples of Good Customer Service