It’s vital to keep customers happy and provide a great experience to improve customer retention at your restaurant. Loyal customers stimulate regular revenue and often turn into brand advocates. When they recommend your business to friends and family, you can gain new customers, too.

According to Harvard Business School, “increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Customer retention is therefore fundamental to your restaurant’s success.

Here are tips on how to improve customer retention at your restaurant:

Make your venue visually appealing

From elaborate ‘freak shakes’, to quirky decor, and cheeky neon signs, some restaurants have fully embraced the social media era. Social media experts at Crave suggest the average diner is now more likely to choose a restaurant based on aesthetic photos uploaded on apps like Instagram.

To gain followers, the first step is to create a venue that is photo-friendly, authentic, and stimulating. You should also consider factors such as music, lighting, spacing, and decor when creating a unique environment to capture your customers.

When designing the decor, try to pick distinct wallpaper, furniture, and art, to give your venue a quirky edge. A simple stencil on the wall can be enough to create a social media buzz and make people want to visit your venue to get the perfect ‘Instapic.’

Add anything that will enhance the dining experience offered at your restaurant. Eclipse Furniture describe how ‘Death Row Diner’ in Liverpool has become hugely popular, largely due to its unique interior and presence on social media.


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The restaurant has a prison theme and features retro payphones and neon wall art. It’s regularly photographed and featured across social media. Many are now anxious to book a seat and experience this truly unique dining experience.

Beautiful food also draws crowds, so be creative with your dishes and focus on presentation. When customers take photographs of your venue and food to post on their social media accounts, it’s a win/win. It’s an ideal way to market your business and it’s completely free!

Don’t underestimate the value of social media

In today’s modern society, social media plays a huge part in online marketing. Social media lets you get the message out about your restaurant, attract new customers, and engage with your existing customers.

You should post regularly on social media to interact with your customers. Show them why they should visit your restaurant. Plan your posts carefully and develop a social media marketing strategy that is right for your business. If you need help, reach out to a restaurant social media consultant.

Invest in the latest technology

Implement appropriate restaurant technology to enhance experiences for your diners. This could mean iPads for taking orders and self-service drinks machines for customers to get their own refills. These changes can lead to cost savings, a better dining experience for customers, and increased efficiency across your business.

In today’s digital age, customers expect every part of their lives to be improved by technology. It’s thus critical for business owners to invest in technology.

Don’t forget about the quality of service!

Though great food and attractive decor are obviously important, they aren’t enough to bring customers back again and again. Good service is one of the most pivotal aspects to create a great first-time experience for customers.

This starts at the beginning. When hiring, remember all staff will contribute to the atmosphere and energy in your venue. All team members should be friendly, helpful, have great product knowledge, and be able to deal with any complaints tactfully.

Final thought

Creating loyal, repeat customers is detrimental to the success of your restaurant business. Aesthetics and overall level of experience are now as important as food. In today’s digital era, you must create a venue that is unique and photo-friendly. Take advantage of social media by developing a social media marketing strategy, and ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest restaurant technology to give your customers the best possible experience.