4 Reasons Blogging is Beneficial for Business

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Is blogging part of your digital marketing strategy? It’s a simple, cost-effective way to reach a wide array of readers. Most successful brands and people use blogs to build trust between their brand and the public. Here are four reasons blogging is beneficial for business.

Blogging started in the 90s as a form of public online diaries. People shared their experiences and thoughts with the online world. Justin Hall was one of the first bloggers. Through his popularization of this form of writing, he ushered a new component of digital marketing.

Today, popular bloggers include Bill Gates, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, and countless others from various industries and backgrounds.

Although some writers blog as a method of sharing personal views with the public, some make a great living out of it. Others use it to nurture their online marketing efforts. Here are four reasons blogging is beneficial for business.

Importance of Blogging for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of digital marketing. It involves a series of activities that allow your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines, bringing you closer to potential consumers. Blogging is an important part of SEO. It allows your visitors to stay longer on your website, offers a place to add fresh content that people are searching for within your niche, let’s you use backlinks that enhance your authority.

If you visit any popular brand website, most have an active blog with many topics that promote their industry. Large private companies like Microsoft, Nike, BMW, as well as every government and international institution, also reserve a part of their website for their official blog section.

However, lesser-known brands can really benefit from blogs. A student might search “how to write my essay online,” and find everything from essay writing service to proofreading software.

Influencing Public Opinion

Blogging gives regular people and public figures the chance to share their views on specific topics. They’re thus able to influence public opinion. This is an excellent way to lobby for a certain agenda.

However, to influence people’s opinions, it’s necessary to build authority. Different groups, institutions, and people tend to seek popular and trustworthy bloggers for partnership.

Online influencers use their blogs to tell people about events that need public awareness. The Borgen Project is a good example. Bloggers use their online presence to raise awareness for issues like global poverty, natural disasters, US foreign policy, and other topics.

Personal Promotion

Neil Patel is an influential figure in the world of online advertising. His road to success was not easy. Neil hit a lot of bumps in the road until his blog, “ProNet Advertising,” gave him the chance to use his experience and knowledge to build a powerful image.

Neil’s blog posts are now shared and used by other writers as resources that bring real value. Without public exposure through blogging, Neil may not have been as successful.

A Simple Form of Interaction

Blogging can be simple for both business entities and private citizens. Compared to podcasts, vlogs, radio, and TV programs, blogs are easy to start even if you’re not skilled in web development and programming. Numerous platforms like Wix, Joomla, or WordPress allow people to start their own blog for free.

There are templates or click-and-build methods to customize. Then, all you need to do is start writing. Even if you’re not the best writer, many online services can help improve style, spelling, and grammar.

Furthermore, the comment section allows the audience to share thoughts on the published content. They may also share ideas and requests for future posts. Blogging trumps local advertisement models, offering you a chance to speak to people no matter where they are. eCommerce brands can extend their pool of customers cost-effectively.


Blogging is simple, costs pennies to start, and opens up the doors to a wide array of readers. Most successful brands and people use blogs to speak their minds, collaborate with others, and build trust between their brand and the public.

If you think about starting a personal blog, consider the benefits. Start writing, and never stop improving your content.

Author Bio: John Peterson is a journalist with 4 years of experience working for London magazine “Shop&buy” and five years experience writing for an essay writer service. He is a professional mini-tennis player and he has written the novel “His Heart.” 

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