QR CodesQR Codes are still relatively unfamiliar to some, but more and more are starting to embrace the marketing opportunities they bring.

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, think of them as a barcode. Smartphone owners, with the right app, and awareness of what to do, are able to scan this barcode and be taken to more information on their smartphone … They allow the smartphone owner to engage with a [business] on a new level.”

A pretty common and growing trend is people adding QR codes to their business cards, allowing those that scan access to much information than can be contained on a business card itself.

More and more businesses, too, are adding QR codes to marketing materials.

For example, among the various advertisements that circle through the pillars throughout the mall, the Burbank Town Center features a QR code which shoppers can scan to find out the best sales happening right now.

Burbank Mall

5 reasons this is a perfect tactic for shopping malls:

  1. it makes shoppers feel as though they’re privy to “inside” information — they’re accessing something not everyone knows how to access.
  2. it’s very current — providing only the most up-to-date sales (it’s not outdated, which a paper advertisement would eventually become).
  3. it’s an easy opportunity to for a venue which represents many to accumulate all their stores’ sales in one place.
  4. it’s seamless to update — all they have to do is update the website with the specials; much more simple than creating new print ads, etc.
  5. shoppers can take it with them — whereas a list of “the best sales in the mall right now” on a regular mall fixture would be stagnant, but allowing guests to access the information on their phones, they can go through it as they continue to talk, can re-visit it, etc.

Do you think more and more malls and similar venues will begin to embrace QR codes?