Synergy of Generations: Unveiling New Horizons in Content Creation

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Appealing to a specific generation can improve your brand loyalty. However, you may be missing out on sales by blinkering your marketing team. Instead, focus on posting trending, highly relevant content. This will create high engagement rates and help you see the synergy between generations.

Most marketing teams focus on a niche target audience when creating marketing campaigns. This makes sense, as you want your initiatives to connect with the same people who will actually buy your products.

However, the digital age has somewhat shifted this paradigm. Today, folks from all generations use the same social platforms to discover new trends, connect with loved ones, and learn about brands.

As a marketer, you can unveil new horizons in your content creation strategy by creating multi-generational content. This goes against the conventional wisdom of tailoring your content towards a niche but can land you new followers, increase audience engagement, and bolster your sales volume.

What Is Multi-Generational Marketing?

Multi-generational marketing has been relegated in recent years in favor of generation-specific materials. This may be due to the rise of data collection, meaning marketers have a better idea of who, exactly, is seeing their materials.

However, contrary to popular belief, many generations share similar behavior patterns online. For example, 67% of social media users from across generations say they surf the web just before they go to bed. Similarly, around 30% of web users say they want more in-depth articles that feature videos and graphics.

It’s also worth noting that generational preferences may become less important as baby boomers enter their golden years. Today, only 20.5% of the U.S. population are baby boomers, while millennials and Gen Z (who share many preferences) make up 42% of the population. This may mean that marketers are better off spending their time and effort marketing to younger folks who enjoy the same kinds of content.

By tailoring your content to a range of generations, you may be able to maximize your marketing spend and reach new audiences via social media.

Trends Over Generations

Appealing to a specific generation is a great way to grow within your target audience. However, you may find more success focusing on current trends over generational preferences. Posting trending topics, sounds, and themes also makes your brand look “clued-in” and may draw more engagement than other forms of content.

It’s impossible to say what, exactly, is trending today as, by definition, trends change. However, some of the hottest social media trends today include:

  • Ephemeral Content: Content that you post to Instagram Reels and Snapchat will disappear after a set period of time. This builds a buzz amongst users of all ages, as no one wants to miss entertaining or educational content.
  • Short Form Content: Attention spans have waned online. No one, whether they’re nine or 90, wants to watch a 30-minute pitch on your social page. Try to keep your video content under the minute mark, and focus on “hooking” your audience within the first five seconds.
  • Podcasts: Video content privileges short-form, entertaining clips. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do away with long-form content altogether. Instead, consider starting an informative, entertaining podcast that hooks listeners with expertly crafted stories.

If you manage to build a following online, you can even monetize the page and start collecting ad revenue. This is a great way to diversify your business’ income as a marketer and is almost certain to earn you some brownie points with the finance department.

If you’re struggling to create compelling content, keep it simple and focus on your people. Your employees know how to tell the story of your brand and many will be excited to get in front of the camera. Highlighting the hard work of your employees is a great way to build brand presence and can boost morale in your firm.

Experiential Content

Social media can facilitate a two-way conversation between users and brands. When given the right prompt, individuals from all generations can join in the fun while spreading the word about your business.

Start simple if you want to run an experiential campaign. You don’t have to replicate iconic experiential campaigns like Red Bull’s Stratos Space Jump or Google’s “Parisian Love” Super Bowl Ad. Instead, focus on forging content that is authentic, creates an emotional bond with users, and invites folks to participate in your campaign.

For example, if you run social media for a tea company, you could invite users to share an image with them sharing a brew with their favorite person. Just be sure to use a memorable hashtag, as this is how people will participate in your experiential campaign.

Generational Nuances

Posting trending, experiential content is a great way to streamline your creative process and reach more people. However, you may need to account for some generational nuances if you want to successfully leverage multi-generational content creation. Make use of well-researched generational marketing insights like:

  • Gen-Z: Young people are savvy web users and are most likely to discover your product via TikTok, Instagram ads, and YouTube ads. They’re looking for brands with strong values and will pay more for products that are ethically sourced.
  • Millennials: Millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences. However, they can be swayed by great deals and well-reviewed products.
  • Gen X: Like younger users, Gen X prefers authentic content. This means they’re more easily swayed by testimonials and employee highlights.
  • Baby Boomers: Older folks also look for great deals and good reviews. While most of their interests hinge on health and financial security, many are looking for lifestyle content, too.

Clearly, strong similarities exist between the generations. As a marketer, make use of these insights by crafting a campaign that captures a wide audience but remains true to your guiding vision.


Appealing to a specific generation can improve your brand loyalty. However, you may be missing out on sales by blinkering your marketing team. Instead, focus on posting trending, highly relevant content. This will create high engagement rates and help you see the synergy between generations.

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