The Caribbean Tourism Organization has begun a new campaign, “Whispers from the Locals,” which strives to provide visitors inside information about the destination that may not be available in the typical travel-related paraphernalia.

Caribbean Travel - Whispers from the Locals
Anguilla - Dune Preserve

They also encourage fans to follow on Twitter and Facebook where they’ll feature a different destination each day with accommodating trivia questions relating to that country’s hidden secret. Winners will be awarded a destination-branded prize. This is an efficient tactic in that it serves numerous purposes:

  • encourages engagement and interaction
  • provokes curiosity via “hidden secrets”
  • photos illustrate the beauty and captivation of the Caribbean
  • educates about the destination
  • the destination-branded prize both rewards each day’s winner as well as puts out more promotional items

Overall, this is an effective strategy to both engage their possible visitors and also educate them about the destination as a whole.

Debbie Miller
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Debbie Miller