Encouraging brand loyalty is an integral part of influencing repeat business. A great way to do this is via loyalty programs, which encourages customers to return again and then ultimately rewards them for doing so. A common way this is done is via stamp cards. For example, if you buy 8 coffees at many cafes, you get one free. Earn points for dollars spent at movie theaters and rack ’em up for free drinks, popcorn, movie tickets, and other related items.

Stampt Mobile App

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I noticed that several of the places I went to eat had signage for “Stampt,” and while this is a relatively new phenomenon, I think it has some major potential to become the norm for eateries.

Stampt is basically a stamp card, but rather than a physical card you have to carry around, you simply download the mobile application, and it stores all your “stamps” for you.

It is equally efficient for both businesses and consumers: it’s extra exposure for the locations that participate, and it eliminates the paper for the customer.

People can download the app on their smartphones, then use it to search for nearby venues. When they’re at a location that participates, they simply scan the restaurant’s unique “Stampt Quick Scan” card after making a purchase, which constitutes the equivalent of them receiving their stamp for that visit. Once their card is complete, they receive their reward, whatever that happens to be.

This is a great way for marketers to engage with their most loyal customers as they can also send announcements and special offers exclusively to Stampt users, any time. It is also safe and secure as the Stampt team monitors everything extremely closely to assure there is no fraud, etc.

The app is currently available on all iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones, and merchants can sign up easily online.

As a consumer, do you like the notion of having loyalty programs become mobile?