If you travel frequently, odds are you’ve had to endure a wait for your bags, or been paranoid about the possibility of them ending up in a city other than the one you’re in.

With that in mind, Delta Airlines has implemented a system for travelers to track their checked baggage. Via the airline carrier’s iPhone app, guests are able to monitor the whereabouts of their luggage at all times.

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It’s very easy: once you’ve checked in your bags, simply take a photo of your baggage tag. This allows you, throughout the course of travel, to check in to see where your luggage is in real-time. You can also check whether your bags have been delivered and where exactly you can pick them up when you land.

This app definitely adds an element of comfort to travelers being able to consistently know exactly where their belongings are. The fact that it’s easy to access, via each’s own personal cellphone, makes it easy to manage, without having to worry about waiting in lines at a counter, etc.

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Would this motivate you to fly Delta as opposed to another airline?