Nitrogram, the advanced analytics and engagement platform for brands on Instagram, has just released their first Guide on Instagram for Brands and other professionals.

Instagram adoption by brands of the Millward-Brown Brandz Index

Some of the facts underlied in this Guide about brand presence on Instagram include:

  1. Nitrogram believes ALL brands are on Instagram, either via their official account or through the hashtagged photos of their customers and fans. What matters on Instagram is building a great community of people sharing interests. The true Instagram equation for brands is: Community = Followers + Contributors
  2. 70% of top Brands (90 of the 130 entries from the Millward-Brown Brandz Index) have an official presence on Instagram
  3. Leading sectors for Instagram adoption from the index: Cars (10/10), Fast food (10/10) and soft drinks (9/10)
  4. However, the top 10 cars brands on Instagram have 7 times more photos with their hashtags than they have followers
  5. More importantly, the 30% of Millward-Brown Brandz Index brands not leveraging Instagram are ignoring 10 million photos mentioning hashtags relevant to them, with 1 million new ones shared every month

They’ve also included helpful tips for brands already on Instagram as well as those thinking of joining the conversation soon on how to better profile their followers and leverage hashtags to be more discoverable.

Lastly, Nitrogram analyzed three successful Instagram campaigns brands can learn from: Oreo, Lipton and Mercedez-Benz. Each played on different specificities of Instagram to engage their communities online.