Last week, Facebook debuted a new “save” feature that allows users to save pages or posts that interest them. These saved items are stored in a queue that can be accessed later when convenient.

facebook save feature

If you’re wondering how to save on Facebook, it’s easy. Just click on the “save” button in the bottom-right of a post, or click the down-arrow icon at the top right of the item and then select “save.”

Saved items can be viewed at any time by going to your saved items in the “More” tab on mobile or by clicking the link on the left hand side of Facebook on the web. Users can sort by category or view all saved feeds at once.

Your saved items list is organized by category and you can swipe right on each item to share it with your friends or move it into your archive list.

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved: It works exclusively with link posts. So, if there is a post that is a status update with a picture and a link to an article, users won’t be able to save it.

All saved items will be kept private, unless a user decides to share them at a later date. Facebook will post occasional reminders to people about their saved articles.

Facebook’s new save feature can be a useful tool for hotels, restaurants, and destinations.

When planning out what to post for the week, a brand could theoretically go through there feed over a single period of time and essentially bookmark relevant content to be re-visited at a later time.

This content could be re-posted or provide stimulus for campaigns or collaboration opportunities.

For example, if a destination marketing organization notices that a hotel’s Facebook page posted about an event in the area, or a deal at the hotel, and they perhaps want to share both things but not back-to-back, they could share one now then “save” the other to be used later.

On the consumer side, the social savvy audience is already heavily using social media to make dining and travel decisions, so being able to bookmark posts from hotels and restaurants they may want to eventually visit could be a useful ability.

Do you plan to use Facebook’s new save feature?