social-media-millennialsMillennials have become the quickest growing customer group in America’s hospitality industry, according to

And it’s no secret millennials are heavy social media users who make many of their purchasing decisions based on a brand’s online reputation.

Millennials expect a lot from the brands they do business with, too — they want to be wowed with beautiful photography and engaging content, or they’re gone.

Use these tips on how to best utilize photography to improve your brand’s social media platforms and keep millennials sticking around.


According to a Nielsen survey, 84 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations from their friends and family members. This is why creating Facebook posts that are shareable is so important.

Photos are the main type of content that gets shared on Facebook, according to Social Media Examiner, and have even been labeled the “holy grail of social media engagement” by the site.

Why so popular? For one, images are easier to digest than text. They also stand out in a sea of posts while users scroll through.

Take a cue from Disney’s Cruise Line Facebook page and incorporate beautiful landscape photos and photos of amenities and people having a good time.


Pinterest isn’t just for pinning products. According to eMarketer, food and beverage pins perform the best on this social platform.

The Four Seasons brand agrees, and has created a truly ingenious strategy that incorporates food and drinks into every one of its luxury travel boards.

After using Pinterest to show off the incredible experiences adventurous travelers can have at their resorts and hotels, Four Seasons saw a 1,000 percent increase in average daily visitors and 1,700 percent increase in clicks to its website, according to the Pinterest for Business blog.

Food is a pillar of the hospitality industry, so begin pinning beautiful photos that foodies will drool over, and you should see success.


Widely known in the marketing industry for its seamless campaigns that invoke human emotion, Air BnB uses its Instagram account to “open the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay.”

The company strategically uses Instagram to post captivating images of spaces across the world, from luxurious Saintry-sur-Seine, France, to the relaxed Queensland, Australia. Show your brand’s diverse offerings through beautiful photography and watch your user-base grow.


Twitter requires multiple posts per day, so keeping up with photo posts on this platform can be a challenge. If your brand needs more photos and videos, look to a company like Shutterstock for high-quality stock images and videos you can quickly download and share.

Link these photos back to your site, and make sure your website’s photography is just as engaging to the user to continue the experience. Hilton Hotels does an exceptional job on Twitter, tweeting photos that pique curiosity and link back to a visually appealing homepage.

Managing social media accounts can be time-consuming, but it’s a tested strategy that tends to pay off every time. Be visual and relevant, and you’ll surely see your user-base increase.