Digital marketing is a pivotal component to getting your business off the ground.

There are countless articles about this topic, and there’s plenty to learn.

But first, what exactly counts as a niche industry? A niche industry is any with a specific but lucrative community of customers and clients.

Of course, the hospitality industry would be considered a “niche” industry, even though it’s broad.

But, what if you’re running a really niche business? Do these general marketing techniques still work?

Niche businesses can be more specific, too. For example, the beauty industry or a specific sports or hobby website.

Anything with a specific, limited customer base that you’re looking to tap into.

It’s not easy to find particular customers in a niche industry, so you have to market yourself well.

In any lucrative market, you’ve got to get the message right. Here’s how.

A website

This may seem obvious, but your website is essential. Remember, you’re looking to connect with a very specific, targeted person.

In a way, your job is much easier. You can design the entire website with just one person in mind; your target user!

You can use wording and images that resonate with them. You can draw them in, and make them feel at home. It’s easy when you don’t have to appeal to everyone.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s the best place for niche businesses to start. Why? Because your customers are online, searching for their niche products.

SEO for local business has many layers (metatag composition, adwords, paid advertising and more), and understanding some general starting points is extremely important.

Say you’re one of the only nightclubs in Charleston. There is no reason you shouldn’t be on the first page of Google’s results when someone’s looking for a club in Charleston, since there isn’t much competition.

To really enforce your “relevance,” though, for lots of search terms, create a list of phrases that you would hope to rank for. Think of the variety of things one might put into Google.

So, stuff like: clubs in Charleston, clubs in Charleston SC, nightclubs in Charleston, Charleston clubs, Charleston SC clubs, Charleston nightlife, best nightlife in Charleston, etc.


Content marketing has become a serious force in the digital world. Think about it, compelling content draws your target audience in, and leads them to your website.

If you can get your niche audience to share content with their friends, you’ll reach new customers. If you specialize in a niche sport or hobby, create content about it!

Your target audience would actively looking for articles and videos about your audience. Remember, you don’t need to reach everyone, just your target audience.

Creating compelling content on your website and/or others, as well as knowing how to write headlines, will help draw readers in.

Targeted advertising

The best thing about digital marketing is the ability to hone in on certain people.

You can identify your ideal customer, and advertise directly to them.

By using Facebook or Google ads, you can display adverts only to the people interested in your business.

Facebook uses our likes, dislikes, and demographic data to send highly targeted ads.

It lowers the cost of customer acquisition, because you only reach the people who are interested.

Reach out to others in the niche

Even the smallest niches will have blogs, websites, and businesses dedicated to it.

Start to reach out to these people and connect with them. Build your reputation and connections within this niche.

Offer to write guest content for their websites, and put yourself in the right positions.

By doing this, you’ll establish your expertise in this niche industry.


Digital marketing actually works much better in a niche industry. Use careful targeting, and try it for yourself!

It’s not easy to find particular customers in a niche industry, so you have to market yourself well. And you have to get the message right. Here’s how.