Creating a compelling Instagram video content strategy is no longer optional. eMarketer predicts 26.9 million new users will join Instagram in 2020. With that, 75.3% of the US businesses are also predicted to be on Instagram by 2020. This evolving scenario paves the path for new marketing trends designed explicitly for this platform.

Many brands already promote their products and services on this platform. Along with creating brand awareness, the new trend is a delight for consumers. Users find it convenient as they need not venture out to find information on other sites. Authentic information is rightly available at their fingertips.

According to HubSpot, around 70% of Instagram users have searched for a specific brand on this platform. Instagram is now one of the crucial platforms for content marketing. But, creating a video content strategy isn’t easy. This is a different set of customers who are impatient and need quick information. The attention span of these users is less than a goldfish; around five seconds. A savvy marketer must create a compelling marketing strategy that can hold attention.

The content must be entertaining, lucid, and meet the needs of the user. Here are some of the best tricks to ensure you have a compelling video content strategy:

1. Captivate in the First Few Seconds

As mentioned before, users have a short attention span. They quickly hop around from one piece of content to the other. Tou have to develop the right video content that entices and compels them to watch til the end. As an Instagram user yourself, you know how quickly you scroll through all the feeds only to stop when something catches your eye.

For example, Boucleme is a UK-based company that develops products for curly hair. The brand executed a smart video content marketing strategy on Instagram which includes user-generated content and cute dogs to grab the attention of the viewer.

NatGeo also does a great job to immediately grab attention. The scenery of the northern lights in the background is breathtaking, and a visual treat for the viewer.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Text in Videos

Instagram videos are for instant gratification. Using too much text in videos can ward off many young users. The content has to be exceptionally visual, and fast. So, when one uses much text, it makes the video unappealing for millennial and Gen Z audiences who thrive on glamorous and visual Instagram content. If you need to add captions, make them intriguing and concise.

3. Make Videos Short and Effective

Develop videos that convey your message in a few seconds. Most Instagram videos are 60 seconds or less. As a marketer, build a marketing strategy customized to each platform. For Instagram, hit the bull’s eye instantly and make your content trend within a few seconds. Make it a roller-coaster ride for the user, so at any moment, they do not feel bored.

High engagement is the key to success on Instagram. You can be as creative as possible, but the videos should convey the message precisely and instantly to the user. For example, Oreo developed an effective and short Instagram video. It catches the attention of the user in a fun and exciting way.

4. Address a Problem

This marketing tactic works on any platform. Present content that addresses the customer’s problem and resolves it. As customers buy products for their benefits, identifying the challenge and solution will allow you to create video content that appeals to your audience. Hook them with enigmatic photo or video to create an emotional connection so they feel attached to your brand.

5. Create an Attractive Cover Photo for Videos

The first impression is the last impression on Instagram. When you post a video, make sure you select an attractive cover photo to display. An attractive subject line can make or break the impact of an email marketing campaign; a strong cover photo has the same power.

Ben and Jerry’s does a great job of creating attractive covers photo to attract the consumer:

6. Include a Clear Call to Action

Without including a clear call to action, your video content isn’t complete. Every marketing effort should reap results, so encourage user to take the leap with your mentioned call to action. So, make the CTA clear and concise for the user.

7. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Instagram is mainly accessed from mobile devices. So, when the call to action for the user leads to a landing page on your site, be sure it’s perfectly optimized for mobile devices and opens easily. Any issues such as the misalignment of the content can falter your marketing efforts and make a wrong impression.


Instagram revamped the marketing strategies of many organizations worldwide. Marketers are regularly brainstorming new ideas to hit the right chords with the user. They develop unique content that ‘s more visual and conveys a message within a few seconds.

Every social media platform has some unique strength, and Instagram has the power to reach users visually. So, make your video content strategy different, appealing, and engaging to get the right results.

Author Bio: Robert Jordan is a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He is a Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc, which provides services & technology database including a list of companies that use Oracle Software, Salesforce users list & many more technologies.