I’ve joked for a long time that Monopoly, a game famous for creating different versions for specific topics (I’m a proud owner of Beatles Monopoly, myself), should make a social media version, so was extremely excited to discover this on Pinterest.

Social Media Monopoly

While I assume this is someone’s (nicely done) Photoshop rendition and not an actual in-the-works project (as we’d probably have heard more about it, if so), it says a lot about how the networks and news platforms are valued.

It’s also already slightly outdated, with noteable Google+ and Pinterest absences.

A couple things that caught my attention were MySpace representing the jail space (which provided a good laugh), though one I’d disagree with is LinkedIn occupying the Mediterranean Avenue space (next to GO), deeming it the lowest-worth, where it probably deserves placement at least half-way around the board.

What do you think about the way everything is valued in this game? Accurate? What would you have done different?