In our technologically-advanced world, with smart phones and tablets everywhere, apps have become one of our go-to solutions for problems and suggestions.

From apps that direct us to where we can find the best food in a city, to apps that tell us what the weather will be like in a week, there seems to be an app for just about everything we need and want.  And if that is not the case, every day many more apps are being created to fill in any gaps that may be present.

Here are a few food and wine apps that can direct you to fine wine online or at your favorite store, as well as help you enhance your tasting experience.

Have these apps handy when choosing what wine to pair with your dinner or what wine you should choose based upon your preference for taste and color.

Pairing Food and Wine

Sometimes it can be quite confusing trying to figure out what wine to have with your dinner or what dinner to pair with the wine you purchased.

Thanks to an app called Pair It, the guesswork can finally be over.  This easy-to-use wine app allows you to either search for food you’re about to eat or the wine you’re about to indulge in, and then pair it with the perfect food or wine suggestion to suit your needs.

Its wine library is extensive, with over 180 wines from around the world, and the food library is even more complex, with over 1,000 dishes, so you’re bound to find a great match.

Choosing the Perfect Wine

The task of choosing the right wine can be difficult, especially when there is such a wide selection to choose from at the store.

mobile wine app

Though you can search for wine online to get an idea of what you would enjoy most, it can still be difficult to narrow down the choices.  But now, with the Wine Enthusiast Guide app, you can easily and quickly access over 100,000 professional wine reviews from the experts at Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

It even has a section where you can look up terminology related to wine.  In addition, each wine’s description includes its price, style, region, rating, and variety.

Keep Notes

If you do not want to forget how you felt about a particular wine, you will want to get the Tasting Notes app, which allows you to take notes and photos of the bottles you try.

You can even rate the experience and then share it with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  There are even customization options to create your own lists, so you are not restricted to merely what the app offers.

Whether you found a fine wine online or you tried something new at a restaurant, with this app you will not forget how you felt about each wine.

Learn About Wine

If you want to know the difference between various types of wines, such as what the differences are between Riesling, Chardonnay, and Merlot, the wine app is just what you need.

If you searched for a wine online but are not sure whether or not to purchase it, you can refer to this app, which gives you information on both red and white wines; including their growing areas, aroma, tannins, colour, acidity, synonyms and even pairings so you know exactly what foods will go best with your choice of wine.

This indispensable resource has a very large search index containing over 600 varieties of wine, making it easier than ever to decide what wine to purchase, whether you are searching online or at the store.

Determine what wine you need to purchase based upon your preferences by searching for particular colors, aroma, acidity, and more.

Author Bio: This post was submitted by Carlo Pandian. Carlo is a freelance writer and blogs on wine online, food and social media. When he’s not online or cycling around, Carlo visits contemporary art exhibitions and meets up with friends for a glass of wine.