6 Tricks to Improve Your Content Marketing

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As digital marketing evolves, so must your content marketing strategies. Having a mobile-friendly website, evoking emotion, using video, and outsourcing are a few waysto do so.


Do you want to find new ways to improve your content marketing efforts? Puzzled or overwhelmed about which articles you should be referring to boost your content marketing strategy?

You’ve come to the right place. Having a weekly blog and some social media presence is not going to cut it anymore. As the digital marketing world evolves, so must your content marketing strategies.

Today’s audience is consuming so much of content on a daily basis that most of it is filtered out. The way content is consumed is changing. When you are ready to invest on content marketing efforts, you need to it to totally pay off and reach a wider audience. A successful content marketing plan evolves with the changing trends.

However, we have assembled these tips that you can apply any time to improve your content marketing and get the desired results.

1. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

It was only a year ago that Google made an announcement about the phenomenal increase of searches on mobile devices compared to the desktop.

Although this result was for the US, it still is relevant for the rest of world as more and more buyers now use mobiles to conduct research, make inquiries and buy products.

Smartphones are not just used for personal internet use anymore. So, make sure your website contains mobile-optimized content. If you don’t, then you risk being penalized by Google for having a non-mobile site.

You are bound to lose a big chunk of customers. Make sure you build a mobile-friendly website that caters to smartphones.

2. Branch Out

It goes without saying that if you already have a blog where you post unique content on a regular basis, that’s a really great strategy. However, sad to say, doing a regular blog is not enough anymore.

You content needs to be offered in different formats. This gives a chance to our audience to have a richer experience of everything that you have to offer. Add text to your images and turn them into graphics. If you have a long-form blog post, then break it into a slideshare or an eBook. You also have more interesting options such as podcasts, videos, whitepapers. See what best suits your brand and audience, and go with it.

3. Use Video

Creating a video for your business is probably the most sort after content marketing trick there is now. Video is a powerful tool to get your brand on the map; it is one of the best content formats consumed online today.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide! There are more than a billion users on YouTube that make three times the number of searches every month.

Moreover, Facebook reported a 94% increase in video uploads last year. You have more than 50% of the US audience viewing at least one video, daily! A few brands have capitalized on this trend and have started enjoying views in the millions!

Don’t think your industry doesn’t need it. All types of businesses can take advantage of the many benefits that a little creativity with a video can offer.

4. Evoke Strong Emotions

Speaking of creating videos, create one that has a feel-good story. If you can evoke strong emotions through your content, then those feelings can be associated with your brand. Emotions have a great impact on the consumer buying behavior.

Therefore, your content marketing must take advantage of this and create ads that evoke strong emotions in your customers. These emotions will be associated to your brand and help your connect with your audience, developing trust and loyalty.

For example, if your ad makes your readers think about convenience or saving money, then that is what they will associate with your service offerings.

5. Personalize Your Content

Personalized content is also now known as relationship marketing which plays a major role in content marketing today. This, essentially, means that you need to stop using mass communication mindlessly.

You need to start being mindful of your audience, where they are located and tailor make your content accordingly. When you do this, your audience will see that you know what they need and therefore, such communication falls on a personal level. You can use a CRM software to personalize your content.

It may take more efforts and resources to pull this off but your investment in it will definitely be worth it.

6. Outsource Tasks

When you seek professional help, such as experts in editing or SEO copywriting, your content marketing efforts can be improved very easily. There are professional firms who can frame perfect strategies for your business, that helps you grow your brand awareness.

Besides, when you outsource your tasks, you not only save time, but a fresh perspective can improve your content marketing as well.

What other ways have you seen businesses take their content marketing to the next level?

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Alicia Honeycutt is a content strategist and a passionate writer.

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