The COVID-19 pandemic put many things on hold. Schools closed, workplaces shut down, and the lockdown crippled many businesses. The effect has now shifted to online mediums. Many businesses migrated to primarily digital methods. Many search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have been implemented to help. 

Before we dive into how this aspect helped sustain businesses, here’s a brief overview on SEO:

An SEO Overview

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method of increasing the amount and quality of traffic to a website. It applies to specific pages, too. SEO focuses more on quality than quantity. It uses tools like meta tags, keywords, and back-links to improve the site’s content and rankings. 

In recent years, the main focus of SEO was to increase the quantity of website traffic. This was done through various techniques like link building, article marketing, social bookmarking, directory submission, blogs, and forums. It also includes the process of creating content for your website. Doing so increases the chances of your content reaching your target audience and potential buyers. 

SEO to the Rescue

Even amidst the ongoing pandemic, many businesses still generate leads and make a profit with SEO. Here are a few ways SEO helps businesses survive the pandemic:

Increases Content Diversity 

With options like blog posting, many businesses promote their content to fit different preferences. They also use different mediums to drive traffic to their sites.

Many websites help other site owners increase traffic. This is done by providing relevant, high-quality articles with informative content. Website owners also have the option to offer their services through blog posts and forum discussions. 

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, consider outsourcing to an SEO marketing agency

Improves Visibility in Your Local Area 

While SEO is crucial for your site to show in organic search results, local SEO also plays a role. It’s key for people in your area to know about your business. Many rely on word of mouth and online reviews to find businesses with good reputations. Use Google’s local business resources so people can find you when they search for businesses in your area. 

Check your search engine results page (SERP) to see how well your site performs in searches for a local business in your area. The results show the top sites with the highest rankings based on several factors including competition and popularity. To optimize your site so that it shows in the searches, optimize your site. Add relevant keywords and meta content. Meta content appears in a website’s back-end code and tells search engines what your site is all about.

Leverage the Convenience of Online Shopping

Covid-19 forced many societal structures to adapt to online methods. The sales and marketing world is no exception. Some have had to learn how to take an offline business onlineShopping online during the pandemic makes sense. There are plenty of options, and it’s safer. As a business owner, SEO helps leverage this benefit by effectively promoting your brand online. 

Be aware of the items that are needed during the outbreak, where they can be found and look for effective ways to promote them on your online space. 


Although this period brought significant shifts, it’s still possible to grow your business. Combine SEO with the right marketing strategies to gain a profit during this time.