You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that holds true for website design as much as it holds for any other facet of life. One report indicates it only takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to decide what they think about your website. 94% of those first impressions are directly connected to your website design. If you aren’t sure how to design the most impressive website for your business, use these three website design tips to boost conversions and sales.

Design to Local Keywords

Even if your business is national, using local keywords helps significantly when it comes to web design. Design your website around the use of long-tail keywords that include location-specific information. If you are a web design company in Florida for example, having content that includes the phrase “Orlando web design” will draw local clients to you directly from the search engines.

You might be an Orlando web design company that offers services all over the world. But you will still get local conversions and clients when you attract them right from your own backyard. Use your city or country name in the keyword, along with the name of your business. Here are some other examples:

• Best Canadian maple syrup
• Fresh Maine lobster
• Exciting Manhattan destinations
• Free and cheap Toronto hotel stays

Use tools to see how other businesses in your area are doing it. Enter your business search terms, and a list of the best websites and their meta tags and descriptions will pop up.

Design to local long-tail keywords. It works. It’s also a good idea to explore common local SEO mistakes to ensure your incorporating the best strategies.

Keep the Good Stuff Above the Fold

“Above the fold” in the Internet world is the section that first appears on your screen as soon as you arrive to a website. It’s the first thing a user sees before they have to start scrolling down. This is the first impression. Put all of your most exciting deals and offers here to keep them there. If they aren’t excited here, they won’t stay on your website.

Here, offer 50% off coupons, a free consultation, or a bonus gift for signing up for your newsletter. Make it the first thing people see when they arrive to your website.

Explore Video

Most Internet readers are visual visitors so make sure your website is as visually pleasing as possible. Visual movement is the king on the Internet today. Video content is the most widely shared content in the world.

Memes aren’t as attention-grabbing as video for websites. On social media platforms, they are. For web design, no. Use people in your videos helps too because humans have a natural instinct to watch other humans do interesting things. Grab peoples’ attention with exciting visual movement.

Hire an Expert

When all else fails, hire someone to help with your website design. You may want to hire someone for the purpose of simply assessing your site, or to handle the project from beginning to end. Keep these web design tips in mind even if you are using an expert and outsourcing the project.