Your website is the face of your brand, and the new year is a great time to start fresh. It’s essential to maintain or overhaul your site on a regular basis to keep it relevant and interesting.

Perhaps last year’s stats are telling you it’s time to give your site a facelift and restore its appeal. There are plenty of website design tips out there. But before you begin renovations, check out these tips to ensure a successful website overhaul.

1. Start With A Solid Foundation

Focus on the right website builder to ensure you have a solid foundation for your web redesign. A suitable platform not only addresses your needs but can also guarantee good ROI.

This is especially vital when you don’t have a wide grasp yet of what it means to redesign a website. Remember, the purpose of an overhaul is to fix problem areas. Having a website builder gives you assurance that the changes will reap the benefits you seek.

2. Build Unique User Experience

Because of the effectiveness of websites and the popularity of digital marketing, tons of new websites emerge daily. This heightens the competition across the board. Make your website more competitive by integrating a unique user experience.

There are many ways you can achieve this:

  • Have site visitors see, hear, and feel your brand with engaging landing pages.
  • Immerse users into your site with cinematic style home pages with videos, audio, and scrolling text.
  • While you’re at it, consider using 3D elements for models, photos, and illustrations.
  • Optimize your site for mobile phone access with bigger buttons for better navigation and accessibility.
  • Lastly, besides enticing web imagery, enhance your site with voice technology. Nowadays, users don’t just tap their phones or computers. They also use voice search for their needs.

3. Feature Inclusive Design

Your website’s ultimate goal is to expand your business reach and attract more visitors. When this is achieved, your website’s potential profitability increases. High-converting website designs can be hard to land. But adding inclusive design to your website overhaul checklist allows you to accommodate abilities and situations.

If you want to go a bit further, include non-human characters such as avatars and illustrations, among others, to create an alternate reality for your site guests.

The more inclusive your website design is, the more relatable you are across a wide range of audiences. From a marketing standpoint, this also makes your website an effective digital marketing strategy for this new year.

4. Keep Up with Data Compliance

Don’t forget the security aspect of your website. Your site visitors should know whatever information or data they provide on your site will be kept confidential and secured.

Updates to data collection and user consent such as GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act compels you to review your privacy policy. Or check thoroughly with the data and security standards of your local area. Make sure your stellar site isn’t just glam but fully compliant as well.

5. Make your Website Mobile Responsive

This new year also surely brings in one more thing in the tech industry: smartphones are becoming more advanced. Developers come up with new and more high-tech components every day.

It’s critical to ensure your website is mobile-responsive. That way, you can optimize traffic to your website from any device. Your website’s interface and format won’t be distorted when someone browses from their cellphones. When so many individuals today are browsing from their mobile devices, you lose so much if you aren’t easily accessible to that group of website visitors.


Websites overhauls are both timely and essential. They’re key to keeping your website on trend and your brand relevant. Set that website overhaul into motion.