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7 Email Copywriting Tips That Convert

Email marketing is an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal. It is a low-cost option that allows brand owners to successfully communicate their core message with current and prospective customers.  However, crafting engaging copy for email is an overwhelming task. Often, you put in effort to create compelling content but…

How Research and Branding Can Enhance Your Business in 2021

If you're a new business owner, how can you tell what works best? How do you know which resources to explore? How can you tell what you need? The answer is simple: Research! Find relevant information you need to run a successful business by researching critical topics. Don't expect to…

Meet them at the Door: How to Create Content Based on User Intent

The ability to connect with your audience is a learning curve. Why do some brands have trouble connecting with their audiences? There can be a number of reasons—bad SEO, a poor and confusing UX, maybe even the landing page experience. While these reasons can be solved by SEO audits and…

How to Boost Social Engagement with Twitter Marketing

There are a variety of steps you can take to optimize your Twitter marketing efforts. While your follower count is relevant, engagement takes things further. Here are seven ways to boost your Twitter engagement and gain more brand awareness, leads, and sales through this social network.

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3 Online Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

You can generate new leads if you take advantage of evolving digital marketing techniques. Real estate is about more than just selling houses — it’s about forming relationships with buyers and sellers. How those relationships develop can shift when you take advantage of the power of online marketing.

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Social Media Content Trends For 2020

By 2020, more than 5 billion people will use social media platforms. The team at MicroCreatives put together this overview and infographic of social media content trends that are anticipated to be popular across social media in 2020 and the coming years. See what could work for your brand and start planning ahead.

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Is It Time To Switch To VOIP?

As the technology matured, “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VOIP)  became a cost-efficient option for small businesses, especially those who needed multi-line service. If you’re considering switching to VOIP, here are some details to consider.

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