A few weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to go to bungy jumping with Bungee America.

Based in Los Angeles, Bungee America is the oldest bungy company in the United States. Departing from Azusa, adventurers hike 5 miles into the Angeles National Forest to the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

In 1938, the road to the bridge was washed away during California’s 4th largest flood leaving behind a beautiful hiking trail. The Bridge to Nowhere sits on 50 acres of private property surrounded on all sides by the Sheep Mountain Wilderness area.

The whole experience was a total blast, and the hike was the most legitimate I’ve ever done. We had to rock climb, cross creeks, and explore different terrain. If you’re interested in learning about the best hiking insoles, Globo Surf has a variety to choose from.

To make jumpers feel safe, Bungee America manufactures a Thundercord bungee cord. This is the only braided multiple cord bungee system in the world which can stretch more than three times its resting length, and each cord contains its own safety back-up.

bungee america

Utilizing a multiple cord bungee system equates to not just one back-up but multiple back-ups which provides multiple redundancy for the ultimate in safety.

In fact, the company has a 100% safety record. The staff was also extremely funny and accommodating, and knew how to make everyone feel welcome and laugh among the entire duration of the hike to the bridge.

The comapny has also been using social media to reach out to jumpers and future jumpers. Each week, they update their cover photo to include a recent jumper.

They always reiterate their philosophy which is “safety consists of redundancy in both equipment and procedures coupled with impeccable attention to detail.”

They share many tweets and Facebook posts of their fans’ first-hand experience, which creates a very positive sense of intimacy with the brand.

I highly recommend bungy jumping if you ever get the chance! Get in touch with Bungee America on Facebook and Twitter for your opportunity.