The Covid-19 pandemic has created unique business challenges. QR codes are making a massive comeback due to their touchless nature. Companies were forced to pivot their marketing during COVID-19 and revamp customer service.

As people begin to head back to work, company heads must assess how to safely re-open their offices. Have a plan to ensure your employees and clients are safe. A well detailed re-opening plan involves several aspects. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Reorganize your office to encourage social distancing

The CDC offers recommendations on how to reorganize an office. The plan covers how to help reduce the chances of viral spread. Some of the most important guidelines include:

  • Spread apart workstations so employees are more than six feet away from each other.
  • Keep doors open where there is lots of foot traffic.
  • Create one-way only paths to reduce the amount of crossing foot traffic.
  • Clean-off high use surfaces multiple times a day. These surfaces can include everything from phones to keyboards and touchscreens.
  • Have non-punitive work-from-home policies for those who are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms of an illness.

Encourage masks

While some states don’t require masks inside an office, it’s highly recommended employees and visitors wear them while around others. Supply masks for employees. Have a supply of disposable masks available for guests.

Educate employees on proper social distancing practices

Everyday behavior of employees will make all the difference. Give employee some specific instructions on how to prevent the spread of illness in the office. Here are instructions you can share with your employees:

  • Inform them to wipe down the surfaces at their workstation multiple times each day
  • Have employee practice social distancing and stay six feet away from each other as much as possible
  • Advise employees to avoid large in-person meets and use teleconferencing instead

Use a commercial cleaning service

Commercial cleaning services have specialized cleaning materials. They also have experience to disinfect every part of your office each day. Hire a commercial cleaning company that offers top janitorial services with experience in your type of office or commercial space. If needed, have the commercial cleaning team disinfect your office multiple times a day.

Yes, you can keep your business going during the current pandemic situation. By practicing the right social distancing and disinfecting guidelines, you can continue your office or commercial operations.