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6 Helpful Tips to Find and Target the Right Audience on Social Media

Social media has come a long way since its debut, evolving into a mainstream marketing tool in less than two decades. Nearly 91.9% of US companies with 100+ employees used social media marketing in 2021. Whether you’re a megacorporation turning over billions in revenue, or a new startup trying to…

6 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

With people regularly glued to their phones, marketers have huge opportunities to increase visibility. As social media increases in popularity, marketers must evolve and find new strategies to grab people’s attention. Influencer marketing is one such technique. Since influencer marketing now plays a large role in social buying trends, it can…

How To Repurpose Blog Content Across Social Media Platforms

Producing content helps drive engagement and brand awareness. However, creating content for all social media channels can be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes counterproductive, especially when you have a full to-do list of other tasks. Repurposing assets you've already created can save you a lot of time. Here are the benefits…

How Healthcare Recruiters Can Fill the Physician Shortage Using Social Media

Right now, many companies are experiencing a problematic labor shortage. Whether the crisis is more one of recruitment or retention, it's difficult to staff necessary roles with passionate, dedicated individuals. There are many reasons for labor complications. But for recruiters in the healthcare field, the most important thing to understand…

5 Ways to Better Optimize Traffic to Your Website

When you offer visitors a smooth browsing experience, you increase the likelihood your website visitors will spend money on your products or services. Create a well-designed website with relevant content and navigation. Here are five ways to improve and optimize your website.

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Best Remote Working Tools Needed for Success

Most companies shifted to a remote format this year. Here’s an overview of the best remote working tools, covering everything from time management to project collaboration. Choose your remote working tools based on efficiency, capacity for integration, and cost-effectiveness.

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10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Try

2021 digital marketing trends revolve around two concepts. They’re distinct but almost contradictory. The first is a general humanization. The second involves technical and mechanical optimization. Take a look at these digital marketing strategies.

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