In a relatively short period, TikTok evolved from just another app to a household staple. Even those who don’t identify as one of the 800 million users worldwide know the name and what it’s all about.

TikTok is a powerful tool for video marketing, allowing brands to reach followers in a new and exciting way. Here are some helpful starting points for using TikTok video marketing as a secret weapon to gain more followers.

Referring and Repurposing Across Platforms

One of the biggest benefits of creating marketing content on TikTok is it promotes cross-platform sharing and referrals. You can share TikTok videos on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more with the click of a button. This makes it easy to expand your reach and refer followers from one platform to another.

This multipurpose approach also makes it simple to create one video to be reused for various applications. A TikTok video editor can be a good option to create content with high sharing potential to extend your cross-platform followers.

Resonating with Your Audience

The most important consideration when creating TikTok marketing content is to resonate with your target audience. Over half of TikTok users fall into the age 18-24 category— this is a huge opportunity for brands who want to expand into this demographic as they enter buying power. As such, it makes sense to create content that resonates with this group.

Authenticity and relevance are everything when using TikTok. Share content that elicits an emotional response or holds value. Empathize with your target market and use this platform to share your knowledge and expertise. The more you resonate with your target audience, the more likely they are to share your content with other members of their demographic and follow your various accounts.

Hopping on Trends and Challenges

TikTok trends and challenges have become all the rage in 2020. Chipotle was a pioneer in using branded challenges on TikTok, and many other brands are following suit. To take advantage of trends and challenges, marketers must be ready to act and create content on the fly. In many cases, these trending hashtags and challenges amass millions of participants within a few days and fade before the month is out.

Some of the top TikTok challenges of 2020 include the Level Up challenge, Flip the Switch, and Dreams. Brands need to pay attention to daily trends and monitor hashtags as they progress in the feed.

Accessibility with Captions

Another aspect of TikTok that makes it stand apart from other video marketing platforms is the accessibility. Many content creators use music and text to make their point. This approach makes it possible to consume the content and understand the context even without audio.

Using captions and text is more important now than ever, as over half of the video content is consumed on mobile devices. If someone is viewing your content on the way to work, while standing in line at the bank, or in a noisy public area, they may not be able to use audio. Keep this in mind when creating your videos to extend your reach and attract more followers.

Prioritize Branding Over Promotion

As authenticity and transparency are a driving force behind TikTok, it’s important to find your promotional balance. If your audience feels as though you’re overly promotional, they won’t follow you or share your content.

Instead, focus on organic branding over promotion. Use this platform to create a connection with your audience by creating engaging content and responding to their comments to spark a conversation. Try to keep your TikTok content non-promotional by using a passive approach to selling.

It takes some time to find your groove on TikTok. Monitor your analytics and use the data to reshape your strategy over time. With dedication and consistency, you’ll find the branding balance that attracts more followers.