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Legal Issues with Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents

Proactive use of social media platforms is a significant part of marketing for estate agents. However, effective use of social media to promote your estate business comes with challenges. A big one is staying on the right side of the law. In this article, we look at the potential legal…

The Importance of Monitoring Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing has transformed the way businesses and consumers connect. But how do you know if your digital marketing efforts are successful? Monitor your metrics for the most value. That way, you can understand what digital marketing campaigns hit the mark with your target audiences. Then, discover the best ways…

Reasons Pinterest Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2022

Pinterest is a powerful tool for generating new traffic and leads. It’s a place where people find great products, inspiration, and solutions to needs. Brands and businesses can connect with their customers organically on Pinterest. Research shows it’s one of the most effective marketing platforms available: 478 million people use…

Covid-19 + Restaurants: How Mobile Chatbots Can Help

The pandemic has drastically affected the restaurant industry. For most restaurants, the focus remains on delivery and pickup to serve customers. The pandemic's toll on restaurants was more limited than otherwise because of delivery services. Even remote parts of the world embraced restaurant and food delivery apps like never before.…

How to Boost Your Brand through Social Media Engagement

Do you use social media to engage your customers? Check out this infographic featuring insight on how to boost your branding through social media engagement. It covers stats and facts about social media, specific platforms, and the relationship between social media use and brand engagement.

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4 Reasons Blogging is Beneficial for Business

Is blogging part of your digital marketing strategy? It’s a simple, cost-effective way to reach a wide array of readers. Most successful brands and people use blogs to build trust between their brand and the public. Here are four reasons blogging is beneficial for business.

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5 Fantastic Benefits of User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool for your marketing arsenal. You’re missing an opportunity if you don’t take advantage of the reviews, photos, posts, and other content your customers produce. Here are 5 benefits of user-generated content, along with some specific examples.

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How to Build an Organic Email List

Email marketing is a useful way to stay in touch with your audience. Benefits include increases in conversions, list growth, ROI, and click-throughs.How do you build an organic email list? Urge your website visitors to sign-up. Create easy subscriptions and offer valuable incentives to encourage visitors to sign up.

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10 Tech Predictions for 2021

Some 2021 innovations are genuinely groundbreaking: flying cars, Mars examinations, and artificial kidneys. Others are vital devices and software we need for work and home: VR, cybersecurity, and AI. Read on to find out ten tech predictions for 2021. 

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