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Where Does Virtual Reality Fit in the Hospitality Industry?

New technology brings exciting changes to the hospitality industry. Advances like the internet, social media, and smartphones all impact how people plan, travel, and go on vacations. That said, not every bit of technology will be well embraced. For example, people thought Google Glass would be a huge deal and…

Enhance Guest Engagement with Contextual Mobile Marketing

Analysts project mobile advertising will surpass $100 billion in 2016, and account for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure. As a result, mobile spam is on the rise, and effectively engaging customers through mobile is increasingly difficult for B2C companies. To combat this challenge, and improve mobile marketing in…

Social Media in Real Time [Interactive Infographic]

Updating a status, liking a picture, or writing a new tweet. Most of us do these on social media platforms on a daily basis. All these activities generate data behind-the-scenes. Have you ever wondered how much data is created on your favorite social sites? Now you can check it out…

10 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Reach More Customers

The surge in people dining out presents both opportunities and challenges to restaurant owners all over the world. For one thing, it means that there are plenty of people for you to target. But it also means that the market and industry is more competitive than ever before. If you…

The Flavor Tourism Experience

“Pei Wei is a place just outside of your usual routine where you can experience the vibrant flavors of dishes inspired from five Asian cultures.” Indeed, outside of the usual routine they are. In an interview with Pei Wei’s VP of Marketing…

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Social Media in Plain English

I recently attended Splash Media’s Social Media Bootcamp. It provided a great case for social media implementation for business and most memorably, a lot of statistics and relevant comparisons.

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Active Social Outreach Online and Off

This week, I checked into the Westin Kierland hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona and was pleasantly surprised to find a flyer on the desk in my guestroom. It reads “Get Social” along the top and then outlines the ways guests can read or relay feedback on their experience at the hotel through social media.

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The Food Truck Phenomenon

In the past year, the mobile food industry has soared to amazing heights. Almost every type of food imaginable can now be found in truck form. The food truck culture has been especially potent in Southern California.

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Disneyland-area Hotel Sets the Social Media Bar High

Ramada Maingate at the Park has been able to put itself on the map, both in terms of its accessibility to/from Disneyland and amongst the Ramada brand, via social media. The unique way Andrew communicates makes the pages stand out amongst other hotels. He didn’t create a persona; he simply uses his own. This has been hugely valuable in humanizing the brand and thereby creating personal connections with potential customers.

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